Friday, June 8, 2012

What a gorgeous morning for a triathlon! by Andrea Ferenchik

What a gorgeous morning for a triathlon! This was the view from the Pro start to St. Anthony's Triathlon. We still had almost 2 hours to wait for our start. In fact, the first winner was coming across the finish line when we finally lined up in the water. We had a good time hanging out, warming up, and thinking about the swim to come. It was so nice to have a large team there to do it with, especially people we’ve gotten to know and train with for the past 6 months. Training with Team In Training has been a wonderful experience. I raised $2,800 for St. Anthony’s and over $11,000 since last May to help fight blood cancers. I am extremely proud of that and will cherish the people I have met along the way.

Aaah, the dreaded swim. This was my first swim of this distance in the open water and my first salt water swim. In fact, I really have never swam before a year ago when I started with Team In Training. You can pretty much tell from my lovely form but I am proud to say I finished 10 minutes faster than I thought I would. That, my friend, is victory right there, even if it still took me 37 minutes to go .9 mile. The water got a bit choppy when you headed away from shore and my wetsuit practically rubbed a hole behind my ear, but I survived. Yeah! This is our wave starting and Tim found me in the water and got a nice closeup. Not sure if that is good or bad.

In my mind, I look fierce. I was just glad to be out of the water in the first picture, I was doing okay in the second picture but the run…oh the run…it was so hot by the time we got to the run I am smiling because it is over. I trained pretty well for this run and I finished far more slowly than my Nation’s run. I blame it squarely on the 85 degree weather and the late start. I am just happy to be done!

We did it! We earned our finisher medal. After training since November, it was nice to be successfully across the finish line!

After a hard day’s work, we took some time to celebrate our race, our fundraising, and our new friendships. This is part (but not all) of our Spring 2010 Georgia Tri Team. We were overlooking the city of St. Petersburg from a fun little place called Cha-Cha Coconuts.

Andrea Ferenchik is an Account Manager with Microsoft whose corporate team raised over $100,000 this season for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Andrea became interested in Team In Training in order to reach a personal goal but has since seen the incredible impact her fundraising is having on finding a cure for cancer. She has honored her neighbor Lori’s husband who passed away in 1988 from Leukemia and is currently fundraising in honor of Grayson, a beautiful 6 year old boy battling Leukemia as we speak. She has just lost her mind and signed up for Augusta 70.3 this September…Go Team!

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