Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Difference A Year Makes by Lori Rasmussen

On Tuesday May 11th, I will be attending the Fall Season Kick Off meeting for Team In Training. It will be my second year participating in the Nike Women’s Marathon/Half Marathon event, and my second season as a mentor. This year is stacking up to be another fabulous event. I have already been assigned a great group of mentees and am excited to get started.

But, I also find myself looking back and reflecting on last year. In May 2009, I drove to the kick-off with Nike team co-captain Carol Osterman and new participant Kelly Simmons. Carol, a 30 year leukemia survivor was complaining of some numbness following a spill she took on her bicycle that day. Kelly and I felt she should see a doctor, but ever-stoic Carol wasn’t so sure. No one who saw her that night would have expected anything was wrong. She smiled, laughed and was her usual self. At midnight, I received a call from husband Jim. He had convinced Carol to let him take her to the emergency room. Jim was calling to ask for prayer and let me know that they found "something" in Carol’s brain. That something turned out to be a brain tumor. It was removed and the recovery started.

Fast forward to October 2009…

Kelly and I finished running the half marathon and sat in the TNT tent relaxing with our teammates. A short time later, Carol Osterman crossed the finish line.


Even more remarkable? She crossed it with Mitzi Jiles, a 34 year old leukemia survivor, and Lori St. Germain, a 29 year old breast cancer survivor. They had run the entire 13.1 miles together, reminding me (and the team) exactly what strength looks like!

Fast forward again…

I will be giving Carol a ride to the kick off meeting on May 11, where I will meet up with fellow mentor Kelly Simmons, and mentee/honored hero Mitzi Jiles—both back for season #2.

Together, we’ll do it all over again!

Lori Rasmussen is a mentor for the 2010 Nike Women's Marathon team. You too can join us for another exciting Fall Season with Team In Training. Come to one of our Kick-Off Meetings below and RSVP here:

Atlanta - Tuesday, May 11th 6:30pm at Holiday Inn Select, 4386 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd.
Alpharetta - Thursday, May 13th 6:30pm at Embassy Suites, 5955 North Point Pkwy.
Augusta - Thursday, May 13th 6:30pm at Marriott Downtown, Two Tenth Street

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