Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Love is an Endurance Event by Jim Osterman

A few months ago in this blog one of our coaches – Joanna Berentsen – applied some of the rules of endurance-event training to the world of dating. Amazingly there were several places where preparing for a run also helped with navigating the dating world.

But some of you are saying: "Hold the phone, Jimbo. What about me? I’m off the market and getting married this spring. Can you offer me some running wisdom?" Fear not. We’ve got your back, starting with:

It’s All About Pacing – Planning a wedding does not happen in a few hours. Each decision deserves careful consideration, so create a schedule that allows for that. The venue, the menu, the dress, the vows, etc.

This has the added bonus of ensuring you will never hear a phrase like: "What about the dress? You said you were going to handle that. Didn’t you?"

Nothing New the Week Leading to the Wedding – This is a time to take some deep breaths and be in the moment. This is not the week to start a 5AM boot camp, ab-busting Pilates class. Or break down and try raw Blowfish. Or try riding a dirt bike. A big part of your life for the last few months has been planning this wedding – why jeopardize it?

Speaking of food, take it easy this week. Try not to take in too much junk, rich food, alcohol or caffeine. X-nay on the Red Bull. Get some simple carbs, fresh fruit, steamed veggies – you know the drill. And hydrate. Keep a water bottle at hand and sip all through the day.

You don’t get to lie on the couch, however. Get some relaxing walks in to de-stress and be outdoors. If you are in the gym every week, keep it up but back down the intensity. You don’t want to risk injury at this point.

Nothing New on Event Day – This is an extension of the advice for the week but with your wedding on the day’s schedule you don’t want to derail yourself. Even if it’s your regular day pass on the exercise class. No funky food. No Jell-O shooters at the bridesmaids’ breakfast. Maybe a sip of champagne. Maybe. Consider saving the bubbly for the reception.
Go easy on the fiber, too. I’ve never seen anyone call a timeout during their vows and make that awkward walk to the facilities, but I’m sure it’s happened. In the same spirit be sensible on the fluid intake.

Once the Event Has Begun – Enjoy! – When the organist begins Here Comes the Bride what’s done is done – the hay is in the barn. The flowers may not look like you requested, the vows may not be word-for-word, your lip gloss my be Euro Coral Pink instead of Misty Pastel Red – but at this point just go with it. Years from now people will recall how beautiful you looked, not the Homer Simpson groom’s cake. Then again...

Some of our participants have been known to find love within the TNT ranks. Donna and Mark Urbano met when both were doing a TNT event in 2003, started dating in 2004 and were married in 2006. Among their shared marathons have been Chicago Marathon, Alaska's Mayor's Marathon, Rock 'n' Roll San Diego and Honolulu Marathon. No guarantees – but you never know.

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