Wednesday, January 20, 2010

TRI Something New by Joanna Berentsen

Hey TNT Alums!

We’re heading into another AWESOME summer season, and I wanted to throw an idea out to you: TRI something new. That’s right. No spell check necessary. TRI something new!!!

So, you’ve done 1-20 events with Team In Training, but they’ve been all marathons. Or a marathon and a cycle event. Or a marathon and a hike. Or a marathon and an adventure race. But what about a TRI??? Have you ever thought about it?

Yes, Jo, I’ve thought about it, but there are tons of obstacles!

Oh yeah, like what?

Well, I’d have to buy a bike!

While it’s true that a bike is a necessary piece of equipment to complete a tri, you don’t need to have one at the beginning of the season. In fact, we recommend that you don’t go out and buy something! Come to training, meet your team, meet your coaches…and then get introduced to the crazy tri community: a community of folks who have entry level bikes that they are interested in selling, so that they can upgrade to the next greatest thing. You’ll end up with a great bike that can fit any budget.

Okay, so I can get a solid used bike…but I just don’t know if I can get folks to donate again.

As Colonel Potter from the hit TV series M.A.S.H. used to say, “Horsepucky. “ While I recognize that I just severely dated myself, I am willing to take the hit to my ego to make the point. You CAN get people to donate again. Each year I have fundraised for Team In Training has been better than the last. Your donors will see a sense of commitment and consistency from you. And if you’re TRI-ing something new, they’ll be intrigued about your new journey. They want to help you reach your newest and greatest goals.

In addition, while the media likes to tell us about these ‘tough economic times,’ Americans are saving more money now that when the market was booming. And they still want to make a difference in the lives of others. They have it to give. All you have to do is ask…and let them join your journey to find a cure for cancer and have an impact on the lives of others.

Right. I get it. Fundraise early and often, send out letters and emails. Hold events. It’s all doable. But…then there’s the swim…

Ah, the swim. Let’s talk about the swim. Many of you know that I just learned to swim last year. That’s right. As you may know, I almost drown twice (that’s right…once wasn’t enough for me) as a kid. I have been terrified of water my entire life. So last year, to honor my 35th birthday, I promised myself that I wouldn’t be held back by my fears. I joined the tri team…and I learned how to swim. Now, we’ll use the word ‘swim’ loosely in this context, but the point is, I successfully completed three tris last year (and got 4th place in my final tri of the season)…and I made it through the swim due to the excellent coaching provided by Team In Training.

So what’s left? Oh yeah…you need to make the decision to sign up for the Summer season. You’ll have an awesome coaching staff (Lee Amlicke, Sarah Hackler and myself…but don’t worry…Sarah’s teaching you to swim), an amazing team, a fantastic event, a miraculous honored hero (no joke), and you’ll have given yourself and your support community the opportunity to contribute to the fight against cancer. Together, we can all make a difference…just by TRI-ing something new.
Team In Training Georgia Chapter is now recruiting for the Tri Latta in North Carolina on June 13th and the Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon in Tennessee on July 11th. Contact the TNT staff for details, (404) 720-7842.

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