Friday, December 18, 2009

Running is Like Soup by Julie Wolfe

Sometimes, you just have to let things simmer, and they turn out awesome. This was one of those weeks.

I’ve been struggling on sticking to the Team in Training schedule. I just came off running a great half marathon. I feel strong. I feel fast. Sticking to the low mileage at the beginning of the ING training has been hard. Our coach, Barb Stinson, sent out an e-mail warning against pushing too hard: “Just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.” I have a clear running goal: finish the ING Georgia marathon in under four hours (the bigger goal: raise money to help find a cure). I’ve tried (and failed) in the past to run a sub-four marathon. I tried it my way, it didn’t work. Now, I’m trying it this way. And this week, something just clicked.

I’m feeling so good on my runs, so strong. I know things will get a lot harder, but I have a good feeling I’ve hit my stride for training (and found some great TNT runners at my pace to keep me company!).

I’m using my new motto “Running is like soup” to keep me on track (thanks, Barb for these tips)!

To read the rest of Julie's story, visit Julie Wolfe, backpack reporter for 11Alive News, is training and fundraising with the Team In Training ING Georgia Marathon team. Follow along as Julie blogs and tweets about her TNT experience. Copyright 2009 11Alive/WXIA-TV

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